Aan je dochter laten zien, zodat ze nooit aan de lipfillers wil

Wat is dat toch met pubermeisjes en de obsessie met hun lippen? Ons lukt het heel eng als je je lippen laat opspuiten, maar hele volksstammen doen het. We hopen dat ook onze dochters van de spuit afblijven. Dus we laten preventief deze plaatjes zien.

Je zou denken dat dit mooi is, maar is het niet gewoon een eendenbekje?

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✨🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌✨Immediately after procedure✨MANCHESTER CLINIC ✨Front view side view PERFECT FROM EVERY ANGLE Absolutely UNREAL 😍😍✨Kimk Package + Lips✨Contouring by MCR AESTHETICS as featured in @ok_mag 👋👋by appointment only 💉💉 ✨Jawline,chin,cheeks + lips ❤️✨ #lipfillers #lipenhancement #lipaugmentation #lipinjections #injections #fillers #dermalfillers #aesthetic #lipgoals #perfect #perfectlips #nonsurgical #pout #cosmeticsurgery #jawline #jawsurgery #manchester #liverpool #training #lipfillersmanchester #jawlinefiller #jawlinecontouring #contour #newyork #miami #miamibeach #miamihairstylist

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‘Zij lijkt tegenwoordig op een zalm’

De Italiaanse Paris Hilton, ook drastisch verbouwd

Deze vrouw heeft totaal geen verhouding meer in haar gezicht.

Voor en na. Voor is beter.

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😢I had lots of clients yesterday bring up Cheryl Cole and ask me what I thought she ‘had done to her face’ 😡I’ll be honest I’m not Cheryl’s biggest fan but I was angry and sad for her when I saw these photos! 💉I really believe in…Less Is More 💉And always try to ensure my clients results remain natural looking! ⁉️So what do I think has happened here⁉️ 💉In my opinion I believe this is the result of the overuse and poor product choice of dermal fillers in different locations. 💉Cheryl’s mid face has been overfilled- this is one of the biggest treatment requests that I persuade clients to avoid! We can see from the before photo that Cheryl does not have hollows under her eyes and therefore did not require tear trough filler! When this area is filled unnecessarily it results it the eye area looking puffy and creating a strange shaped eye 💉Cheryl has always been known for her gorgeous cheek bones- her cheeks have also been overfilled causing her cheekbones to look too high and too close to her eyes! 💉People with good natural cheeks usually also have nose to mouth lines as a result of their bone and tissue structures! But this line isn’t an age line and should actually be left there! When overfilled it causes the mouth area to look puffy and contributes towards the ‘duck look’ 💉Her lips have been filled with a product that has been chosen poorly- it has migrated into the tissue around her upper lip, this also adds to the ‘duck look’ and means her lips do not look defined and have lost their natural shape which was actually very nice! 👩🏽‍⚕️Anyone that has had a consultation with me before will know that I often talk clients out of having certain treatment requests performed- this is why!! What will look lovely on another client may not be needed for you and will not suit your natural structures. … ⁉️What are your opinions⁉️ … #aesthetics #dermalfillers #dermalfillersgonewrong #cheekfillers #cheekenhancement #toomuchfiller #cherylcole #lipfillergonewrong #choosewisely #whichfillerisbest #fillersgonewrong #fillerdissolving #cheekfillergonewrong #teartroughs #teartroughfiller

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Wij vragen ons af: kun je zon nog wel praten?

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